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Yorkshire Foot Hospital Testimonials

Excellent knowledge and service – keeping me running

I first visited Jonathan about 8 years ago when I was completing the Coast to Coast walk and I was struggling with long distance walking. He was able very quickly to diagnose the heridatory condition that was causing my pain […]

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The pain in his back and ankles disappeared almost immediately

Jonathan has been treated both sons. As a semi professional basketball, and after years of having ankle, achilles and back problems, insoles given by NHS physios and exercises, nothing seemed to hold. Eventually we were recommended to go and see […]

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Debilitating pain in my left knee

After 20 years of suffering from horrendous, debilitating pain in my left knee, ankle and foot due to having cerebral palsy as well as other conditions, I started to explore possible solutions with if truth be told, little hope of […]

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Foot Treatment

I would highly recommend Mr Wilkinson and Mr Finney and the rest of the team for any treatment you require, very professional and efficient service received, from the start to the midway, I have been well looked after and all […]

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Subungual Exostosis Removal

Looking Good on the Dancefloor I had a subungual exostosis on my toe which was really painful. it’s a condition where excess bone was growing from one of my toes. It was really painful and I was very self-conscious about it. Being a dancer I wasn’t confident […]

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Bunion Surgery

I had always disliked the look of the bunion on my right foot and had been embarrassed when going to buy shoes, especially summer sandals, or when going bare foot at my Pilates class or when swimming, but not anymore. […]

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