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Podiatry Overview for Leeds area.

skeleton-feetPodiatry is the area of healthcare that specializes in the maintenance and correction of foot and lower limb problems. Often, pain in the feet can be a symptom of problems elsewhere in the body.

Our Podiatrists are experts in recognizing and diagnosing the causes of discomfort and may study a patient’s posture, gait and footwear as part of their analysis.

Our Podiatrists can treat many ankle and foot pathologies including walking problems, severs disease, shin splints, sports related injuries, related to Achilles problems. Our common conditions treated are heel pain, ingrowing  toenails, plantar fasciitis. We are lucky to have the advantage of Mr.Jonathan Stanley who has many years of experience with runners, joggers and dancing injuries. Mr.Stanley has worked with in the past ENGLAND CRICKET TEAM, and treated team players from BRADFORD BULLS. Mr.Stanley works closely together with his team members , To add to our services we welcome Dan Broadley who has a special interest in the removal of stubborn Verrucae, Dan also has a special interest in Heel pain steroid injections.


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