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Low Back Pain assessments

Lower back pain and poor posture can commonly be aggravated by your foot position.

We now offer a free 10 minute back screening with a Podiatrist and Chiropractor to see how we can help alleviate and help your condition.

Feet that roll inwards cause your centre of gravity to tilt forwards resulting in muscular tightness and altered curvatures of the spine. This can lead to muscle imbalance, postural instability and back pain.

Orthotics correct body posture by controlling the excessive rolling in of your feet. Rehabilitation and core stability exercises will help to stabilise and reduce low back symptoms.

Treatment is often given on a joint management basis,between a Podiatrist and Chiropractor or Physiotherapist and Podiatrists, to get the best possible care for the patient ,and to treat the body as a whole. Exercises may also be given as part of a treatment plan

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