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Mortons Neuroma procedures

neuroma-imageDO YOU NEED SURGERY?

A neuroma, also often called a “pinched nerve” is a benign growth of nerve tissue between the toes. Pain is often described as a burning sensation, tingling, or numbness between the toes and in the ball of the foot. If you are suffering with this symptom it is always best to get this checked out by a specialized podiatric consultant. Sometimes our first line of treatment to get relief is a form of steroid injection.

Women are generally more likely to suffer from a neuroma.

Pain is due to a thickening of the nerve sheath between the affected toes, commonly between the 2nd/3rd and 3rd/4th toes,  steroid injections may help around 40% of patients, otherwise surgical removal of the  Mortons neuroma may be required. Our advice is that it is always advisable to seek a steroid injection first to see if this helps.

  • Neuroma surgery at The Yorkshire Foot Hospital is nearly always carried out under local anaesthetic,
  • Surgery removes the nerve segment through the top of the foot,
  • Recovery is around 2 weeks, after which patients can begin to return to normal activities and footwear.
  • Affordable procedures and competitively priced.