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Excellent knowledge and service – keeping me running

I first visited Jonathan about 8 years ago when I was completing the Coast to Coast walk and I was struggling with long distance walking. He was able very quickly to diagnose the heridatory condition that was causing my pain and I got my first pair of orthotics. I revisited him a few months ago as I have now taken up running and again I could tell although my orthotics were still good that something had changed and a reassessment has now diagnosed a longer leg than the other. I now have another pair of orthotics and am running my first half marathon tomorrow and around 25 miles each week. I had been suffering from sciatic pain and this has been completely alleviated and following my assessment yesterday it appears even without my orthotics my body is remembering to hold the correct posture. I can’t thank Jonathan enough for helping me be more active in my later years than I have ever been, his knowledge and understanding is invaluable and is highly recommended.

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