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Ingrowing toenail Surgery

Ingrowing toenails are commonly caused by incorrect nail cutting, tight footwear or a direct injury.

Ingrowing toenail surgery is a common condition,Some patients go to their gp, however there is currently a long waiting list,We at the Yorkshire foot hospital can carry out this procedure within one week of seeing a Podiatrist.

Before treatment

Before treatment

After treatment

After treatment

At The Yorkshire Foot Hospital there are two common procedures for performing ingrowing toenail surgery under local anaesthesia.

1. Partial Nail Avulsion

A partial nail avulsion involves removal of the offending nail section ONLY whilst maintaining the rest of the nail plate, the corresponding nail bed is cauterised with a chemical called phenol to prevent regrowth, complete healing is usually between 2 – 3 weeks and does not require time off school or work.

2. Winograds Procedure

Winograds procedure involves surgically removing both the nail plate and the corresponding nailbed. Sutures hold the wound together whilst healing takes place. These are removed after 10 – 14 days. Please note patients are asked to wear opened toe shoes after the procedure,and patients are allowed to drive home after this procedure.

Ingrowing toenail surgery is a popular procedure at the Yorkshire foot hospital,Our prices are competitively priced and often we are able to do the procedure on the day of the consultation with Mr.Andrew Naismith or Mr.Jonathan Stanley.

Watch a short video by the College of Podiatry which explains more on what happens during surgery for ingrowing toenail(warning: contains footage of surgical procedures).

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