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Summer Feet

By | June 13th, 2016 | Foot care

open-toesSummer is the time of year when people are wearing sandals and open-toed shoes.

During the summer months we see far more growing toenails and verrucas. Verrucas can spread like wildfire. It is always a good idea to make sure you wear footwear around a swimming pool area to avoid picking up this highly contagious virus. These warty growths can be painful – and they can also be difficult to treat.

Some people however, are embarrassed by their feet and they hide them away if they can. The main complaints include bent toes, long toes and hard skin. At the Yorkshire Hospital we won’t undertake any surgical procedures unless the patient is suffering from pain. If surgery is requested purely for cosmetic purposes we do offer advise.

Booking an appointment with a Podiatrist should be your first choice if you think you’ve contracted verrucae. Make an appointment before you go on your summer vacation this year, to ensure your feet are in the best of health and be confident of showing your feet on the beach this summer.

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