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By | June 26th, 2017 | Foot care

Many people are not happy with their feet, in fact it is common knowledge that people sometimes will not wear sandles because they do not like the way their feet look. There is also consideration that patients can not fit into certain shoes if they have Bunions or Hammertoes. My daughter whis 21 only came home to me the other day saying her feet do not fit certain shoes and that she is very unhappy with her long toes. After inspection the toes are looking clawed.Although we feel she is too young for this procedure and has no pain at this present time this is the most important aspect to consider,she will however in the future need corrective surgery as this will start to effect her eventually with the shoes that she wears and this may cause pain and discomfort in the years to follow.

When people come in for consultations with one of our consultants they are given a thorough consultation, the consultant may ask for x rays to to be taken on the day.The ease of having x rays on the same day enables a quick decision and diagnosis and we feel this quickens the process for the patient to have a thorough investigation for the treatment they may or may not require.

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