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Subungual Exostosis Removal

Looking Good on the Dancefloor

PointeShoesI had a subungual exostosis on my toe which was really painful. it’s a condition where excess bone was growing from one of my toes. It was really painful and I was very self-conscious about it. Being a dancer I wasn’t confident in auditions and sometimes had to sit out dance sessions due to the pain. I came to the Yorkshire Foot Hospital for a consultation and found I needed surgery to cure the problem.

I was worried about the operation but I was made to feel very comfortable by the staff at the Hospital. I didn’t feel a thing and even watched the Simpsons during the operation! The surgeon removed the nail and nail bed in order to access the toe bone. After successfully removing the excess bone the toe was stitched back together.

My toe is nearly healed after just 3 weeks. I can wear normal shoes again without any pain and happily show my feet again in public. I am very happy. Everyone at the Yorkshire Foot Hospital has been so friendly, helpful and supportive – the reception staff, podiatrist and surgeon. I want to say a big thank you to everyone.



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