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Ingrowing Toenail problems

By | November 14th, 2016 | Foot care

Today we have had several people in with Ingrowing toenails, people do not realise how important it is to see a Podiatrist as soon as you notice this problem to avoid infection. We often see patients that have already seen their gp to find that they may have to wait for an appointment or wait to have a procedure. Here at The Yorkshire foot hospital we will do our upmost to help you with this problem, if it deems necessary we will perform procedures within a week . Sometimes the ingrowing toenail can become quite painful and throb from time to time. A podiatrist may be able to remove the piece of nail on  one appointment, however sometimes it is necessary to have a partial nail avulsion or nail root and matrix resection,this is a minor procedure which aims to permanantly treat ingrown toenails.  Procedures normally take up to an hour, and patients can walk and drive normally afterwords. This procedure should only be done by a highly qualified Podiatrists.All Podiatrists are trained to administor safely local anaesthetic and perform nail surgery.

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