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From Meghan to Diana an expert reveals the Royals’ true personalities as shown by their FEET… so can YOU match these toes to the right princesses?

By | April 14th, 2018 | Foot care

Thanks to the British weather, California girl Meghan Markle has spent months here wrapped up.

But scan pictures of her in the U.S. over the past ten years and you’ll discover her real style staple: the strappy sandal, with feet and toes firmly on show.

It’s a far more glamorous look than sister-in-law-to-be Kate’s signature nude court, and, intriguingly, it’s exceptionally revealing.

For there’s a growing belief that our toes and soles give a glimpse into our character and motivations, much like palm-reading.

In fact, there’s a respected whole branch of foot-reading (or ‘solestry’, as it’s known) based on the ancient Chinese idea that different points on the foot relate to different aspects of our brain.

A more modern school of thought is led by Dutch academic Imre Somogyi, who studied more than 5,000 feet before publishing his book Reading Toes.

He uses the shapes and position of toes to analyse personality and behaviour.

Here, we asked Britain’s premier foot reader Jane Sheehan, who has appeared on This Morning and has celebrity clients including chef Aldo Zilli and TV presenter Paul Ross, to tell us what Meghan’s feet reveal about her — and what other members of the Royal Family might be hiding . . .

Solestry expert Jane Sheehan has studied the meaning of feet for 20 years and is a student of Somogyi’s method.

‘I look mainly at the right foot because — according to the ancient teachings — this represents the past, whereas the left represents the present,’ she says.

‘If there’s not much difference, it means the person is consistent. If they’re wildly different, you know someone has changed over time.’

So, based on Jane’s rules, what do Meghan’s feet tell her?

What do Meghan Markle's feet reveal about her? UK-based solestry expert Jane Sheehan reveals all 

‘Meghan has an elongated second toe, which means she has natural leadership qualities.

‘This particular feature is separate to the feelings and emotions link to the second toe, but down to research that shows, time and again, leaders are often found to have this trait.

‘She also has a short big toe, which indicates she’s a multi-tasker.

‘Her short little toe means a great sense of fun, and the fact it’s on its side points to someone who’s unconventional and rebellious. It’s not extreme, though, as it’s only a little on its side.

'She also has a short big toe, which indicates she's a multi-tasker', says Jane 

‘Interestingly, the same toe on her left foot isn’t over as much, which indicates she’s getting less unconventional.’

The fleshy pad that sticks out below Meghan’s little toe highlights a trait that might come in useful in her new life: ‘It shows big shoulders for other people to cry on, but someone who knows listening is enough, and doesn’t take on other people’s emotions too much,’ says Jane.

‘But her feet also indicate this is someone who hasn’t got the same thick skin as others, as the nail on the third toe isn’t as wide as you’d expect.

‘If someone criticises something she’s doing, she’ll take it to heart because she puts a lot of herself into what she does.’

Jane believes Meghan’s second and third toes are slightly webbed, meaning she can be obstinate.

You can cry on Kate’s shoulder

Like Meghan, Kate has long, thin toes and an elongated second toe meaning she’s creative, expressive and has natural leadership qualities.

They also share the pad below the little toe which means she’s happy to provide a shoulder to cry on.

‘The only difference is that Kate’s fourth toe is slightly curved towards the big toe — if it was massively curved, it would show someone who was a hoarder, but this slight curve means a collector,’ says Jane. ‘It’s someone who finds it hard to let go.’

You can cry on Kate's shoulder, her feet revealPictured: Kate Middleton's feet

You can cry on Kate’s (pictured left) shoulder, her feet (right) reveal

Eugenie has sense of fun – but is a little workshy 

‘While Princess Eugenie’s upturned big toe shows someone highly visual, she hasn’t got the creative flair of Kate and Meghan,’ says Jane.

‘She did, however, once have a gift for creative hard work, as shown by the elongated big toe on her right foot — but it’s a skill that’s now disappeared (her left foot isn’t the same), perhaps because she rarely used it.

Her very short little toe indicates a great sense of fun, and because it’s on its side, unconventionality.’

Eugenie has sense of fun - but is a little workshyPictured: Princess Eugenie's feet

Eugenie (pictured left) has sense of fun – but is a little workshy, her feet reveal (right)

Zara adores creature comforts 

Be careful choosing your nail varnish colour, ladies — according to Jane, it means something.

‘Kate’s vivid red indicates ambition, whereas Zara’s brown is chosen by someone wanting more comfort, security and grounding in their life,’ she says.

‘She’s got short, stubby toes, quite the opposite of Meghan’s, meaning she’s pragmatic and practical.

‘Her crooked little toe has a nail looking at the ceiling indicating she’s conventional and likes to do what’s expected of her.

‘And her good arch shows independence, self-reliance and someone who is drained by spending too much time with people. Sometimes she needs to be on her own to re-energise.’

Zara adores creature comfortsPictured: Zara Tindall's feet

Zara (pictured left) adores creature comforts, her feet (pictured right) reveal

Beatrice loves to delegate

‘Beatrice has narrow feet that the foot-reading world actually call ‘princess feet’, which denote a love of aesthetics, an appreciation of beauty and the way things look — someone who takes time out to look at the sunset,’ says Jane.

‘Her elongated second and third toes on her left foot reveal someone with drive and determination, who prefers to work solo — unless she wants free time to look at that sunset.

‘This is also someone with a knack for delegating everyday stuff without the other person realising she’s done it, such as saying: ‘Oh, darling, I’ve left my cardigan upstairs.’

‘Perhaps it’s no surprise then that this holiday-loving princess rarely seems to do a day’s work. And, like Meghan, she’s stubborn — those webbed toes revealing she can’t be made to do something she doesn’t want to do.

Princess Beatrice loves to delegate, her feet revealPictured: Princess Beatrice's feet

Princess Beatrice (pictured left) loves to delegate, her feet (pictured right) reveal

Diana could be easily conned

‘The fourth toe on Diana’s left foot was curved towards her big toe,’ says Jane, ‘showing she’d rather spend time with people she’d known for years.

Certainly it suggests that being thrown into the limelight with her wedding to Charles, and having to meet lots of new people, would have been something she would likely have struggled with.

‘She also wouldn’t notice when these old friends were changing into enemies. If something negative happened, she’d think, ‘They’re not really like that — I’ve known them for years.’ ‘

Jane adds that a sideways little toe shows her ‘my way or the highway’ personality, and the crease on her second and third toes shows someone adaptable who knew when to hold back and when to push forward.

Princess Diana (pictured) could be easily conned, her feet revealPictured:The late Princess Diana's feet

The late Princess Diana (pictured left) could be easily conned, her feet (right) reveal

‘I’d read that as someone who, if they don’t feel like doing something, won’t do it come hell or high water. But if they feel like doing it, they’ll move mountains.’

Even though she’s only 36, Meghan appears already to have a problem that usually affects much older women — the dreaded bunion.

This big, bony lump on the side of the foot not only looks unsightly, but can cause pain. They can be inherited, or it’s also been suggested wearing heels with narrow toes can bring them on.

Dan Broadhead, of Borders Podiatry and Performance Clinic, says: ‘It does look as if she has the start of bunions or it may be simply that the joint under her big toe is wide and sticks out.’

Meanwhile, Meghan’s left foot contains its own revelations. ‘The fourth toe on the left is looking longer than the right,’ says Jane. ‘This shows family is becoming more important.’

Well, Harry and Meghan have suggested publicly that they want to have a family sooner rather than later.

Overall, the fact Meghan’s toes are all very long and thin indicates a creative expressiveness.

‘Her large big toe pad also shows she spends a lot of time pondering things. And the fact the tip of her big toe doesn’t touch the floor but the pad does indicates someone with good visualisation skills. It’s something Princess Diana had, too.’

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